Top 10 Company Profile Video Samples

Top 10 Company Profile Video Samples
"Telling your story isn't just about information. It's about connection."

These days, it’s not just about the products. People want to know more about the brands and companies they’re buying from, and you need to show them what you’re all about. The best way to do this is with a company profile video.

These videos give viewers an overview of everything they need to know about your company. From the services and products you provide to the employees who form your dedicated team, every aspect shown says something about your company. Getting a close look at what you do and the faces behind everything creates a connection between the viewer and your company. That’s the power of a company profile video.

Making An Awesome Company Profile Video

Interested in making an introduction to your company in video form? Here are some key tips to take into account.

Form A Narrative

Your company profile video needs to tell a story – your company’s story. It’s about sharing who you are, what you do, and why you do it. From the founders’ journey to the passion that drives your team, your story can make viewers feel connected to your company and understand your values. So, weave a tale that tells people why your company matters, and you’ll hook your audience right from the start!

Perfecting the Video Duration

Too short and you might skip crucial details, too long and you risk losing your viewer’s interest. It’s crucial to strike a balance. Remember, you want to give a peek into what your company is about, not a full-length documentary about everything you do.

Quality Matters

If you’re showing off your company, you gotta make sure you make it look good. Quality, both in terms of visuals and audio, is non-negotiable. Everything in your video reflects on your company, so poor quality might make the viewer feel like you don’t really care. Crisp images, clear sound, and professional editing can make your video stand out in a sea of content.

Showcasing Your Brand

This is the video that is supposed to encompass everything your company is, so go all out! It should reflect everything about your company, from the colours and logos to the overall vibe. What this does is ensure that everyone who watches this video knows that it’s about your company. So, whether your brand is quirky, innovative, or down-to-earth, make sure your video shouts it loud and clear.

Top 10 Examples Of Company Profile Videos

Now that we know a bit more about what a company profile video is, let’s see some excellent examples that excel at teaching us about the brand.


Dynamically edited, the fast pace of Bolt’s profile video emphasizes the speed of the company’s growth. The inclusion of a large variety of employees not only highlights diversity, but also how the company values its team.

Promocell (by Kasra Design®)

PromoCell is dedicated to aiding scientists in conducting superior research by offering an exceptional portfolio of human primary, stem, and blood cells, along with optimized cell culture media. With a no-nonsense approach, Promocell shows you that it’s serious about research and helping the world. With a focus on lab work and their scientists in each shot, the video underlines the dedication to their professionalism and expertise. The video exudes a sense of reliability.

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Ultimate Security Services

A simple, wordless video, but an effective one. With shots of Ultimate Security Services’ security personnel and their arsenal of equipment, we get a sense of the formidability. It’s the ultimate show, don’t tell.


Switching between shots of the construction of exhibits and the public enjoying the exhibits, BRUNS shows the humans behind the displays we all love. Upbeat music keeps the whole affair light-hearted, as the video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the expertise and effort that goes into each exhibit.

Shireburn Software Company

In this video, we sit down with a representative who talks through all of Shireburn’s principles and the factors to its success. With a spotlight on their employees, we hear about the significance that Shireburn’s team has towards its success.

Valani Global

The vice president of Valani Global walks us through his career in this video, giving us insight into his various experiences and why he decided to go with Valani Global instead. Underlining how Valani does things differently, we get a sense of the company and one of the men running it.

APS Bank

There are a plethora of banks everywhere, but APS Bank does things a bit differently. It focuses on being a community bank; fulfilling its services while also helping the growth of the community around them. The video brings us through its mission, values, and the steps it’s taken towards these goals.

Brother Group

Brother specialises in an incredible number of industries, and it’s here to show us that. With a rolodex of products ranging from sewing machines to industrial equipment, we see both its diversity and its dedication to making the very best.


AERMAC SpA shows its size as an air conditioning empire through swerving shots of its offices and production, with statistics about its performance and workers laid over. It’s a video that emphasises its power, skill, and legacy.


Perfectial is here to make a bold statement, and boy does it. Between the dynamic filming, editing, and narration, each principle Perfectial follows is spotlighted. And with the unique choices the video makes, it’s one that stands out.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, company profile videos are a big deal in the business world. They’re a great way to tell people about your company and get them excited about what you do. If you’re making your own, make sure to craft a good narrative, highlight your brand, and keep the quality high. With a better idea of your company’s philosophy and inner workings, the viewers will feel that much more connected.

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