Top 30 Medical & Healthcare Videos in 2023

Top 30 MedicalHealthcare Videos in 2023 Creative
"From complicated to clear - that's the magic of health videos."

Have you ever tried to read a medical pamphlet and ended up more confused than when you started? You’re not alone. Big words and complex ideas can make health info feel like trying to solve a crazy-hard puzzle. That’s why health-related videos can be such game-changers. Short, engaging, yet still informative, these videos provide all the information with none of the fuss. Having a video (or animation) explaining the healthcare you provide can help patients better understand what they’re going through. Here are some of the key reasons any medical product or service needs at least one video:

Medical Videos Make Information Digestible

Medical & healthcare information can be complex and hard to understand. A wall of text filled with technical language doesn’t make it easier, especially for patients with language barriers or visual disabilities. A well-made video can simplify this information while making it more accessible and easier to grasp.

Visualization Power

Many people are visual learners, meaning they understand and remember information better when it is presented visually rather than in a text form. Moreover, for more complex discussions, visual representations through animations can help patients form a much better idea of what’s happening.

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Encourages Sharing

If you’re trying to educate about a disease or the treatment for it, having it spread around helps inform more of the public. Unlike traditional, written instructions, videos are easily shareable on social media platforms. This increases the chance of information reaching a larger audience.

Helps with Decision Making

The complicated nature of medicine and illnesses can often be off-putting for patients, leaving them hesitant to choose what they want to do with their bodies. Helping to simplify these complex processes allows patients to get a better understanding of what treatment options they have and what preventative measures there are. This means patients are empowered to decide for themselves.

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Our 30 Favorite Healthcare & Medical Videos

Want to get an idea of what to strive for? Here are 30 videos on various areas of healthcare and medical treatments that do a fantastic job at breaking concepts down into simple and fun pieces.

1) Dignity Health

With a cute rhyming voiceover laid over, Dignity Health breaks down the different components of the brain to spread awareness about stroke detection. Each section is highlighted on the 3D model of the brain as the voiceover speaks about them, bringing attention to the different sections and making the video more visually interesting.


Healthcare can feel like an opaque, top-down process, but it doesn’t have to be. ZICOH facilitates better communication between patient and provider for better medical care. This charming 2D animation features ZICOH’s product in 3D and guides us through an all-too-common situation that could be resolved with it. The video is stylized through its bold colors, while still being clean to communicate the message clearly. You can read more about this project here:

3) Fountain Of Youth – Elysium Health

There’s no better cure for the onslaught of ailments in old age than anti-aging. Elysium Health introduces Basis — its scientifically proven supplement to slow down the process of ageing. The mix of 2D and 3D animation gives the video a stylistic flair while still showing the actual product at the end of the video.

4) Calm Health

The link between our mental and physical health is stronger than most think. Calm Health is here to help with that. This healthcare video goes through how Calm Health links patients with their care providers and helps with mindfulness and mental well-being. The glowing overlay of the Calm Health app surrounds the photo of nature, showing how they’re bringing tranquility to you.

5) International Health Partnership

The International Health Partnership highlights the importance of cohesion in the medical system through this video, with charming 2D animations that don’t distract from the informative narration. After bringing up the faults in the current healthcare system, the video shows us how a national health plan can help everyone.

6) How a Protein Becomes a Muscle

Men’s Health Magazine is here to show us what’s happening in our bodies at the gym. With cleverly animated 2D scenes using the gym to represent the different parts of our bodies, it runs through everything from the production of peptides to the growth of muscles.

7) UW Health

Medical treatment is meant to help you recover, not just tide you through the day. UW Health shows its dedication to all its patients in this hand-drawn explainer video. We follow the heartfelt story of one boy and how he overcame his struggles with UW Health, while the hand-painted art style of the animation gives a human and expressive touch to his tale.

8) Estonian E-Health

What better way is there to familiarise yourself with a system than just going through it? Estonian E-Health shows us the journey of how one family can get treatment to highlight all the procedures and features it provides. The charming characters are animated in flat 2D with bright colours while the background stays muted, keeping the focus on the patients just as Estonian E-Health does.

9) Fast Pace Health

Healthcare doesn’t have to be slow and tedious. Fast Pace Health strives to make things easier for patients to receive care and shows us they do so by bringing your healthcare provider closer to you. The bright 2.5D animations centre both the patients and the surrounding town, highlighting how Fast Pace Health prioritises the community in its work.

10) Florida Hospital

A vision may not be reality, but it is what drives progress. In this video, Florida Hospital imagines a future where healthcare is seamless and comprehensive. With a mix of live-action and holographic CGI, their vision comes to life and we see not just what healthcare is now, but what it can be. It’s an inspiring and beautiful clip.

11) UnitedHealth Group – ‘Connections’

Better healthcare means improving all sectors of the healthcare system, not just the medical treatments themselves. In this mixture of stop motion and hand-drawn animations, UnitedHealth depicts all the steps we can take toward providing better care for everyone. These doodles are animated over a real notebook’s pages, giving the video a quirky style that keeps things fun and light.

12) LUSH: Self Preserving

Skin care is also health care, although we don’t tend to see it that way. LUSH explains all the ways it ensures that their products protect your skin, while still keeping it smooth and clean. The colourful 2D style makes the video feel organic and fresh, which is exactly what LUSH is all about.

13) Crohns Disease

Being a young person with a chronic illness isn’t easy. The Crohns & Colitis Foundation is here to give some guidance with an animated conversation between two teens with the same condition. The tips and helpful information are presented in the form of advice from one teen to another, which makes the entire thing more relatable and down-to-earth while still being a tool of empowerment for the patients.

14) mRNA Vaccine Educational Video

Using new technology for your medical treatment can be scary, and the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy understands that. The complex process is broken down with animated visualisations, going through all the stringent research behind mRNA vaccines and just how it works down to the microscopic level.

15) Marler Clark – Foodborne Illnesses

Foodborne illnesses are dangerous and need prompt treatment. That’s why Marler Clark created this series of videos to explain how they work and how to detect early symptoms. With clean yet stimulating 2D animations, the bacteria and viruses behind the illnesses and how they wreck our bodies is shown. It’s easy to understand while being fascinating and a treat for the eyes.

16) National Institute For Health Research

Talking about postpartum depression isn’t easy, but it’s super important for moms to know they’re not the only ones going through it. The National Institute For Health Research addresses this issue with a video that gently walks you through this tough stuff, giving helpful tips and advice without making it feel too heavy. The 3D landscape changes colours as the mom walks through all the different stages, showing the depth and changes in her emotions.

17) Tri-Health

With our lives running at full speed, it’s hard to focus on health. Enter Trihealth. Tri-Health’s treatment and preventative health measures are always at our service.  Their fun 3D animations link daily tasks with treatments, showing the seamless transition between medical assistance and everyday life that comes with Tri-Health.

18)What is Cancer?

Most of us know cancer as just a tragedy, and while that is certainly appropriate, we lack an understanding of how cancer manifests and why it’s so dangerous. BioDigital helps enlighten us with a video showing a 3D simulation of how a cancer growth forms. The scenes move through different parts of the body as the voiceover narrates the stages of growth to us.

At the end of it, we come away with a better understanding of the disease.

19) Summa

Summa focuses on facilitating comprehensive healthcare so your doctor examines your body’s needs as a whole, rather than as its parts. This quirky 2D clip shows the patient as just discombobulated body parts before fitting them together, highlighting the cohesive care that Summa prioritises.

20) Ignilife

You don’t want to run to the doctor every time something feels off. But you still want to take care of your health. That’s where Ignilife comes in. They’ve got the know-how and they make things super simple for you. The animated characters are all distinct from each other, but all are helped; showing that Ignilife is for everyone.

21) SoClean

Every insomniac can attest to how important sleep is to your health, and the cleanliness of your sleeping equipment affects the quality of that sleep immensely. SoClean is the solution to that problem. The charming 2D characters go about their day as the narration talks about how clean sleeping equipment supports us, showing how SoClean empowers us to live our lives easily.

22) Vidacare

Finding a good caretaker as an elderly person can be confusing and difficult. It won’t be with Vidacare. With their personalised assessment and matching process, it’s just that much easier to find a carer who’s a good fit for you. With the 2D animations, we follow an elderly lady’s journey finding a caretaker with Vidacare, explaining the process while being an absolute visual treat.

23) Health Systems

In a world of such great disparity, how can less developed countries keep up with the higher standards of healthcare? The World Economic Forum proposes leapfrogging; supporting patients with supplementary and community care options for preventative and sustainable care. The animation breaks down this concept for us to understand on a wider level, then shows us how these changes would benefit the everyday person with the story of a woman in a third-world country.

24) Mental Health & IBD

Dealing with the physical side of chronic illnesses is tough enough, but the mental aspect can weigh you down too. The Crohns & Colitis Foundation explores the importance of mental health treatment for patients with chronic illnesses, including their real voices and testimonies so they can be heard.

25) Choose Health

Choose Health Delaware is here to combat the rampant health issues across the country. With this video, they take us through all the ways they’re using to strengthen the healthcare system and invite us to join in. The paper and painted style of the animation gives a creative flair while giving visual analogies for how Choose Health can help.

26) Our Immune System – Pfizer

Complex diseases are hard to understand, and the lack of clarity can make patients feel anxious. Pfizer is here to give guidance with an in-depth and well-animated run-through of our immune systems and how they work. The 3D animation simulates what’s really going on in our bodies, while the narration walks us through it all. Interesting yet informative, this video helps patients have a better understanding of what’s going on in their bodies.

27) How To Use Xiidra

Enough of those tiny and lengthy instructions! Xiidra is here to show you just how to use their product. With delightfully stylised and bright 2D animations, the video shows demonstrations of how to use Xiidra, while the narration gives instructions and helpful tips.

28) Save the Children – PTSD

There’s nothing more tragic than a child battling demons alone. In this video, Rädda Barnen extends a comforting hand to let them know that they’re not the only ones. The animation takes on a dark colour palette, isolating the traumatic incident to highlight how much it weighs on each victim. Then it gets more colourful when the focus switches to coping strategies and treatment, showing that things do and will get better.

29) Health Care Consumers

How can traditional medical care providers keep up with the increasing needs of patients with chronic illnesses? This video explores the importance of patient engagement and the best ways to approach it. It uses a collage of real life footage mixed in with textures and stop-motion animations. The result is a engaging video that grabs your attention while educating you on how patient engagement can change healthcare for the better.

30) Gilead Stop The Virus Everyone

Gilead knows about the stigma and misconceptions around HIV and AIDS. That’s why they set out to clear things up and teach about preventative measures and treatment. This short healthcare video informs us about all that in just 1 minute. It comes with bright and bold colours in its 2D animations to lift some of the heavy stigma around the disease. 2D characters follow us through every scene, humanizing victims and helping victims understand that they’re not alone.

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