5 Smart Reasons to Invest in Brand Video Production

5 Smart Reasons to Invest in Brand Video Production
“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but the stories you tell.” - Seth Godin

In an era where content is king, videos have become indispensable in marketing, with the vast majority of businesses incorporating them into their strategy.

If you’re still on the fence about jumping into this, here are five smart reasons why your business should consider making brand video production a priority in your marketing strategy.

What is a Brand Video?

It’s a term we throw around a lot in the digital marketing world, but what is a brand video, really? Well, imagine you’re at a party and someone asks, “So, what does your brand do?” Launching into a long-winded explanation would only bore them.

Imagine instead, you play a powerful visual story that encapsulates who you are, what you do, and why it matters. And it can be done in a few minutes max.

More than just a commercial – it’s your brand’s personality, values, and mission, all wrapped up in a visually stunning package that connects with your audience. You’re showing what you stand for, not telling. And with a video, you can do it in an engaging and creative way that truly resonates with its viewers.

1. Increased Brand Awareness

The first major benefit of brand video production is the potential for increased brand awareness. Videos are an excellent medium for storytelling, presenting stories in an engaging and memorable way. The visual language, music, sound effect and content in each video communicate aspects of your brand in one cohesive image.

Brand video scene in 3D

People want to see what your brand is about. They want to get to know you, your employees and your culture. They want to see how you operate behind the scenes. They want to know more about what makes you tick and why they should care about your products or services. And a video is a great way to show them all of that.

Now, you might ask, “Why is storytelling so important in branding?” Think of it this way: storytelling isn’t just a sales pitch, it’s your brand extending a hand for a friendly chat with your audience. It’s about building trust, fostering loyalty, and making connections.

With a compelling story, you’re humanising your brand and making it more approachable and likeable. That draws people in and makes them stay for anything else you have in store.

Plus, you can share videos across various social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram reels, or Facebook videos; giving you a wider audience and reach and making sure more people hear about your brand.

These platforms also give you a shot at virality, which can skyrocket your brand’s popularity like no other campaign can.

Noble Leather Co. is one brand that got its start from a viral hit —  a small TikTok showcasing the process of making one of their leather belts. Now their TikTok account has shot up to 1.5 million followers, with an eager audience at every drop.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Trust

With the visual and auditory stimulation it gives, video content has proven to be more engaging than text or images by far. It can generate much more engagement with your brand through likes, comments, and shares. You can also fit more information in a video, making it an excellent platform for demonstrating products or explaining services.

This helps you build customer trust. Seeing is believing, and watching a video highlighting just how your product works can make customers feel more confident about their purchase decision.

Uploading a brand video also helps to humanise your brand by highlighting its story and values. It generates a personality for your brand. You remember the Duolingo owl’s antics on TikTok because it’s funny, and that sticks. Personalities create an emotional appeal that draws people in, generating greater buzz and sales for your brand.

A great way to foster engagement with viewers is by participating in trends. Particularly on platforms such as TikTok, the user interface is uniquely tailored to highlight trending topics.

This means that utilising these elements, such as viral sounds or challenges, gives a substantial boost to your reach. Don’t be afraid to play to the sillier and more humorous trends — those perform the best of all.

3. Improved Search Engine Ranking and Online Visibility

Search engines love video content. Search engines like Google and Bing prioritise video content as it tends to engage visitors for longer periods of time. This means that pages with videos rank higher than those without on search results.

You can use this to your advantage with a brand video and push your brand to the top.

Additionally, you can boost your online visibility immensely by hosting video content on platforms like YouTube. Which comes in as the second largest search engine after Google. This helps expose your content to its over 2.5 billion users, thus improving your brand’s presence significantly.

4. Boosting Conversions and Sales

Brand videos can significantly boost conversions and sales for your brand, with 89% of people reporting being convinced to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

With the way videos present information clearly and concisely, it becomes much easier for customers to understand your product or service and see its value, convincing them that it is a worthy purchase.

Additionally, videos can effectively guide potential customers along the buying journey through all stages of the sales funnel. You can insert a call to action that gives that final push that turns the viewer into a customer. This speeds up the decision-making process and allows you a direct and positive influence.

5. Staying Competitive

Finally, investing in brand video production can give your business a competitive edge. Video marketing is becoming invaluable, and many consumers actively expect video content from brands. It’s not just a want now, it’s a need.

With the flood of video content across social media, it’s clear that most businesses are aware of this. But not all of them are using it effectively, and that’s where you can be better. You can ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd with targeted and well-made videos. Use video content to effectively convey your brand message and tell the consumer exactly why your brand is the right choice.

Google’s #AYearInSearch video campaign is an excellent example.

As a highlight reel of all the major events of the year, Google ties itself to the emotional highs and lows the viewer experienced. The choice to include these events feel like a sign of solidarity from Google and creates a feeling of personal connection for the viewer. This results in building trust and loyalty with the brand, all from a simple 2-minute video.

In the end

Investing in a brand video is almost guaranteed to provide a great return on investment. With its engaging and informative content, using videos can help your marketing immensely by boosting your brand awareness.

Brand exposure improved with animation

It also helps to generate consumer engagement and improve your SEO and conversion rates. A great brand video can differentiate you from your competitors and foster consumer trust and loyalty, and it’s a must in the current marketing scene.

Now, if you’re wondering just how to make a hit brand video, check out our article on it!

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