Product Demos: A Key Player in the Buyer’s Journey

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“Any damn fool can make something complex, it takes a genius to make something simple.” – Pete Seeger

Imagine that you’re planning a trip. Would you just randomly decide to board a plane and hope you land somewhere fun? Nope! You’d likely look up different places, consider your options, decide on a destination, and then, maybe do some activities or sightseeing after reaching there.

This is the exact thought process a customer goes through before buying a product or service, aptly named the “Buyer’s Journey”. This journey is an essential part of marketing as it guides us to understand what the customer is thinking and feeling at different stages of their shopping adventure.

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Now, imagine if during your trip planning, someone showed you an interactive video of the different places you’re considering. It gives you a real feel of what it would be like to be there, and draws you in with a taste of what’s to come. That’s precisely what product demos do at different stages of a buyer’s journey.

Understanding Product Demos

So, we’ve talked a lot about product demos, but you might be wondering, “What exactly are they?”

Product demos are kind of like interactive show-and-tell sessions for a product or service. They provide a sneak peek into how it works, what features it offers, and how those features can solve a problem or fill a need. Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without getting behind the wheel first, a customer wouldn’t want to invest without getting a feel for it.

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These demos allow potential users to experience the product without actually committing to a purchase yet.

The form your product demo takes can vary. Here are some of the different types of demos you can make, and an example of each.

Live Action Presentation Video

Live action demos are perfect for showing your product in action in real-world situations. It helps viewers relate to the product and imagine themselves and can make your product seem more trustworthy and authentic.

Imagine watching someone show you all the features of a new kitchen appliance, and using it to show the actual results. It becomes that much easier to imagine yourself using it too and just how helpful the product would be.

Nespresso – Pixie Product Demo

This simple and short video by Nespresso depicting just how easy it is to use their Pixie machine is a great example. No words, no fluff, just a brief overview of how it works and showing someone working its magic. You know just how to use the machine, and just how much time it would save you on making your daily brew.

Animated Presentation Video

For more complex products, a live demonstration can get tricky. That’s where an animated presentation can come in. You can use animations to show things that might be hard to explain with words or motion graphics. Plus, it delve into the nitty gritty while keeping it dynamic and fun with visually engaging elements!


Live streaming is emerging as an extremely beneficial way to sell your product. Livestream demos are real-time, which means viewers can interact with the presenter, creating engagement. This is super helpful because it allows for immediate Q&A and clarifications, all while fostering a relationship between the viewer and your brand.

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It’s also a great way to build excitement and buzz around a product leading up to its launch. You’re giving a sneak peek of what’s to come on a platform where potential customers can interact, get immediate answers, and feel more connected to the product and your brand.

AR/VR Experience

Presentations are great at explaining how a product works, but sometimes nothing beats getting your hands on the real thing. Well, that might not always be an option as we’ve seen with the recent pandemic, so what about the next best thing?

AR/VR demos can provide that immersive experience, right from the couch. You can use this to let users explore the product as if they were right next to it in real life. Holding it, getting a look around the full product, or seeing pop-up explanations that look perfectly 3D would make anyone intrigued. Plus, with the cool factor of AR/VR, there’s no way they’ll forget it.

Dyson Demo VR. Experience Dyson like never before

Dyson’s VR demo of their hair styling products showcases just how powerful this can be. The experience included size-accurate models you can hold, how each piece can be swapped out for different purposes, and simulations of just how each device can change your hair. With their VR experience, you can see just how the product would work in real life, and it makes it that much easier to imagine having one.

Ultimately, product demos are a fantastic way to showcase what your product is capable of and how it can benefit the user. They give potential customers a chance to ‘try before they buy,’ helping them feel more confident in their purchase decision.

Product Demos on Different Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

Awareness Stage

At the awareness stage, the potential customer realizes they have a problem or a need, but they might not fully understand how they want to fulfill it yet. It’s like knowing you want to go get take-out for dinner, but you don’t know where.

In comes the product demo, illustrating just it can help solve their problem. A quick, informative demo could introduce the customer to your product’s concept, helping them understand how it addresses their needs.

Raising awareness with product colorful studio

An example could be a lightweight app explainer video that talks about how your time management app can help organize a busy schedule. This sparks interests and draws them towards your brand.

Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is where potential customers are actively looking at different solutions to their problem. Following the take-out analogy, this is when you’re scrolling through a delivery app to look for restaurants.

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Product demos at this stage could dive deeper into specific features and benefits of your product. It’s like a friend sitting down with you and saying, “Hey, let me show you all the cool things it can do that others can’t.” This goes beyond just an overview; it takes you on a deep-dive tour, comparing your product’s capabilities with competitors and showing customers why your solution stands out.

Decision Stage

At this point, the customer is almost ready to buy, and they’re deciding from a shortlist of solutions. It’s like choosing between Thai or Vietnamese food for the night.

You can use product demos to seal the deal here. Jump in with information about pricing, service terms, customer support, and more to assure the customer that you’re the right choice.

Interactive or personalized demos, where customers can ‘test-drive’ the product, can be especially effective in making that final push.

Post-Purchase Stage

The journey doesn’t end with the purchase. Now the customer has to use the product and hopefully become a loyal fan.

Phone purchased minalistic setup 3d

Product demos can still be beneficial here. They can help users get started, provide tips for advanced features, and offer troubleshooting guides.

Picture a series of ‘How-To’ videos for different features of a time management app. This would help you work out any issues you might run into, and make you feel like the company truly has your back.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, product demos are incredibly versatile tools that can help customers at all stages of their buying journey. Whether it’s a live-action presentation or an immersive AR/VR experience — each type of demo has its unique strengths.

But a well-crafted demo in any form can serve as virtual test drives, helping potential customers understand, explore, and ultimately believe in a product.

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