Top 10 Video Animation Companies to Hire in 2022

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"Looking to hire a video animation company? You gotta check this list right now!"

In modern content marketing, the use of animation videos is all the rage. They are engaging, entertaining, succinct, extremely elucidate, and flexible in nature. And it’s these qualities that make them a ninja converting tool for modern businesses.

For the records, a well-executed marketing video animation has the capability to attract 300% more audience, increase your overall site traffic by 157%, and give your business a conversion boost by 80%.

So be it a start-up business or an established one, if you aren’t exploiting animation, you are missing out on a lot. Not to mention, its importance will only increase with time; it’s simply the future of marketing.

Keeping that in check, we have compiled a list of the top 10 creative video animation companies you can hire in 2022 to level up your business. Guess what, even if you decide to do it later, at least you’ll have an idea who and where to look. 😉

So let’s get into it!

Best Creative Video Animation Companies in 2022

Kasra Design

Making premium quality animation videos since 2011, Kasra Design has established itself as one of the most prominent creative animation companies globally and continues to help businesses worldwide. With over 10+ years of experience working for different industries, the team at provides content that is watched, shared, and converted.

kasra video animation character samples

The company has earned numerous awards throughout the span, including a Gold Award- Indigo Design Awards 2020, a second Best Commercial Award at Los Angeles Animation Festival 2018, Best Animation Award at Independent Film Awards, London 2019, and many more.

Plus, they have produced over 800+ for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Pepsico international, Panasonic, Shell, Intel, HP, IATA, Visa, and many more. So be it a top notch explainer or a simple corporate video to educate your staff, you can easily trust Kasra Design for any type of animation and video production.

If you are looking to make an animation done for your business, you can send your animation enquiries this way.

Giant Ant

They are based in Vancouver, Canada. Their sole motive is creating “art” that inspires. Giant Ant has a unique approach to animation. They don’t follow the conventional norms of business videos. And interestingly, this is what sets them apart from the rest.

giantant animation scene

The company focuses on ultra creativity, making pieces that are inspiring and compelling without even trying. The main ingredient of their success is their understanding of human emotions and how to trigger them to achieve great results.

By now, Giant Ant is one of the most successful animation companies to date. It continues to help businesses worldwide grow at a more rapid pace. If you want to make a bond with your audience on a personal level, Giant Ant is your best bet.

Demo Duck

Demo Duck was founded back in 2011 with the objective to “put small and big businesses to life.” Keeping this as their driving force, they have been helping different organizations in their marketing campaign through effective animation and video making.


Although Demo Duck has a diverse group of creative professionals, their primary area of expertise, or let’s say, portfolio mainly consists of different surveys and case studies. Their clientele includes names like the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, DiccyCloud, and GEMS World Academy. They are based in Chicago, United States.

With a lot of practical experience and commitment to work, Demo Duck stands as one of the top 10 custom video animation companies to hire in 2022.


If you are looking for an animation company that solely revolves around amassing conversions, promoting your brand, and turning your leads into advocates, Thinkmojo has everything that it takes to turn your business into a major success.

thinkmojo handdrawn animation sample

Operating since 2011, the company has been honing its creative and professional abilities and qualities on the way. With a portfolio consisting of Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Slack, Square, and Mixpanel, Thinkmojo knows what works and what doesn’t.

For a start-up business in serious need of some serious marketing, Thinkmojo is one of the best choices at hand.

Cub Studio

It is founded by two exceptionally creative school friends. Cub Studio helps several globally recognized brands and startups propagate their brand narrative loud and clear.

Just to give some perspective to why Cub is one of the biggest creative video animation companies, let’s look at its founders’ individual capabilities.

cubstudio 3d animated scene

Fraser, one of the founding partners, has more than 10-years of experience in the field and has worked with some of the world’s corporate giants. Plus, he has been a part of some of the most significant video projects that accumulated millions of views.

On the other hand, Ben is an SEO specialist with 10-years of experience. He worked with the world’s largest online entities and helping them dominate the online world.

With the combined experience and hard work of these two, Cub Studio has had 2 nominations for BAFTA awards, among which they have been successful in securing 1 award as part of the Hat trick team that produced BBC’s “The Revolution Will be Televised” documentary 2014.

Some of the notable clients of Club Studio include Ford, Mercedes Benz, Fox Sports, ESPN Olympics, Mcdonalds, Facebook, BBC, Hyundai, Twitter, Vodafone, UEFA, and many more. There’s nothing to doubt about their capabilities.

Ordinary Folk

For a rather small business that is yet to properly take off, hiring big animation companies isn’t always an option because of its high charges. If your business is one of those, Ordinary Folk can be a viable choice for you.

Ordinary Folk abstract animation sample

It’s a relatively small company compared to some of the options above. What makes the Ordinary Folk team is their highly creative and cautious approach towards each project, crafting a piece that is bound to provide results. They seem to be really well-versed in abstract animation area.

Dream Farm Studios

Primarily revolving around character animation, Dream Farm Studios specializes in giving face to a brand through compelling storytelling.

Dream Farm Studios has a diverse portfolio that consists of everything. From brand success stories to social media advertising and anything in between.

The company has worked with several reputed brands, including Valnet, Sling, Firefox, Dish, and Flaregames. It has also been mentioned in some major publications including Animation Magazine, a paper specially dedicated to the animation industry.

If your marketing strategy and products have more to do with making a connection with your audience, Dream Farm Studios is a viable option.


Titmouse is perhaps the most prominent company to make it to our list. But at the same time, it’s also the most expensive one and has a portfolio for a very selective group of businesses.

The company was established in 2000 and produced cartoon animations primarily for TV, movies, and series. However, they have also been involved in making animated TV ads from time to time.

An already established business? Want to effectively introduce a new product or service? then Titmouse might be a good option.


Epipheo is another creative video animation company that primarily focuses on brand marketing through compelling video content.

epipheo sample animation

It has a team of highly proper artists. Through deep research, they will gather as much information about your target audience. Then create a piece that touches their pain spots.

Moreover, they also make sure to keep you informed throughout the process for maximum transparency. They specialize in several animations, including 2D, 3D, whiteboard, and motion graphics, and have experience working in almost every industry.


Exaltus is a content marketing agency that provides several services, including blog content writing, presentations, and whiteboard animation.

They corroborate with the founder’s vision of the company, which is to simplify abstract ideas into easily understandable content. Exaltus creates unique and exciting video content that appeals to a vast amount of general audience.

Right now, Exaltus only provides whiteboard animation services as far as video marketing is concerned. So you have minimal options here. But the upside is, their extensive experience in this specific area will provide some positive results!


Animation is one of the best mediums in online video marketing. It provides you with unlimited creativity, even if it involves bending the laws of physics; it just ensures that your message is delivered perfectly. But for it to work effectively, it’s crucial to hire an animation company that knows its work. Since it’s pretty challenging to find the best, we just tried to make the job easier for you. We narrowed down your research circle. Hope this list has been helpful to you. See you in the next one!

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