Top 10 Explainer Video Companies in 2023

Top 10 Explainer Video Companies in 2023
"An invaluable collection of the most exceptional explainer video companies! "

Explainer videos have become super popular since 2012. Mainly because businesses and organizations have recognized their effectiveness in communicating complex (or not so complex) information to their target audience.

Let’s take a look at the history of explainer videos since 2012:

2012-2014: The Early Years

Explainer videos began to gain popularity in 2012, and production companies began to specialize in creating them. These early videos were often created using simple animation techniques, such as whiteboard animation, and were designed to explain complex concepts in a straightforward and engaging way.

Some stars were born among the explainers such as Dollar Shave Club. The exceptional success of these videos led to more appetite for explainers in the coming years.

2014-2018: Increased Diversity

As explainer video production became more popular, the range of styles and techniques used in creating them also increased exponentially. Animated video production studios began to experiment with different animation styles (other than 2D), such as collage animation, advanced motion graphics or even stop-motion animation. Well budgeted Live-action videos also became more common, with companies using real actors (or their founders) to explain their products in posh settings.

2018-2022: The Rise of 3D Explainer Videos & High Budgeted Explainers

From 2018, explainer video production has become somehow more advanced. To receive larger viewers over the competitors, companies started to increase explainer video budgets which afforded them 3D explainer videos. This led to birth of much better quality explainer videos such as Tinder – Invention of Together.

Some companies also started using data to create videos that are tailored to the specific interests and needs of their target audience. This trend has led to the development of interactive explainer videos, which allow viewers to customize the content they see based on their preferences.

2022-Present: The Impact of Technology

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have made it possible to create immersive and interactive videos that allow viewers to experience products or services in a more realistic way. Additionally, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have made it easier to create personalized videos at scale, allowing companies to reach larger audiences with tailored content.

The history of explainer video production since 2012 has been marked by increasing diversity and innovation and I don’t think it will stop any time soon.

If you are in the market for explainer videos, we gathered a list of top 10 performing (in terms of quality and service) explainer companies for you here:


BUCK is an awesome place for some of the world’s most talented dreamers, designers, animators and directors!

They’ve been around since 2004 and have built a culture that thrives on collaboration and creativity. They worked with some of the world’s most famous companies such as Nike, Pepsi, Square, Paypal, Amazon and IBM.

And let me tell you, their videos are seriously inspiring! Their core focus is on pushing creative boundaries through their amazing animation.

2) Kasra Design

Kasra Design™ is a well-respected explainer video company that has huge experience in crafting engaging 2D & 3D explainer videos and motion graphics.

Their commitment to delivering exceptional end products is evident in the accolades they’ve earned, such as the Gold Award in Indigo Design Awards 2020 and the Best Commercial Award in Los Angeles Animation Festival.

What sets them apart is their dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience throughout the entire production process.

They worked with some of the major players like VISA, Shell, Petronas, HP, IATA, Intel, Panasonic, various banks, and even government entities.

3) Sandwich Team

This video production company do things a little differently. Their unique style was developed by making mistakes which led to the accidental creation of the company in 2009.

At first, Sandwich team focus was on creating apps. But when a video they made to introduce their first app received more attention than the app itself, they realized they might be onto something. Despite evolving with the changing landscape over the years, the company’s original intention has remained the same: to help people learn new ideas, remember them, and ultimately do something good with that. If you are looking for a truly out-of-the-box approach for your live-action video, they are your best shot.

4) 2veinte

2veinte is a boutique design and animation studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have a world-class team of talented and passionate individuals who work their magic through traditional frame-by-frame 2D animation. One of the things that sets 2veinte apart is their dedication to non-commercial work.

They’ve created over 10 experimental videos so far, and some of their projects like “Ricochet Splendid,” “100 Years Armenian Genocide,” and “Wild & Woolly” have been selected and showcased at more than 50 animation and film festivals around the world. Their style is truly cutting-edge and exemplifies the bold and surreal approach of the new generation. In fact, Andy Polaine from Computer Arts Magazine in the UK has praised 2veinte’s use of bold colors and surrealism.

5) Revenant

This one is a seriously impressive explainer video company that’s got the awards to prove it! Revenant specializes in animation, motion graphics, and cutting-edge real-time visuals like VR, CG environments, and virtual production.

No matter what industry their clients are in, they create powerful content that really communicates the message. People just love working with them because of their unique approach to each project that’s both transparent and of the highest quality. And they don’t just meet expectations, they go above and beyond them every time!

It’s no wonder they’ve won so many awards, like Scottish Design Awards, BAFTA, and The Webby Awards.

6) Giant Ant

This is no ordinary studio. Giant Ant is a creative powerhouse, a design shop, and an animation house all rolled into one! What really sets them apart is their incredible team which is made up of people from all over the world. A team who shares a passion for crafting meaningful creative work.

For over 13 years, they’ve worked hard to bring together the very best talent in the industry and create some seriously impressive content. They clientle list includes Slack, Nike, Twich, Airbnb, TED and Honda.

7) Ordinary Folk

Ordinary Folk is all about motion design and animation! They truly believe that every project is a chance to make something really special.

They’re all about finely crafted, collaborative work that not only challenges viewers to learn and think but also tugs at the heartstrings a bit and makes the world feel like a warm and fuzzy place – even if it’s just a little bit. They worked with clients such as Webflow, SAP and Techless.

8) Cub Studio

Cub is the brainchild of Fraser Davidson and Ben Skinner – two school friends who have a passion for animation. Fraser brings over 15 years of experience to the table, having worked in the industry for years before setting up the Sweet Crude collective with Simon Tibbs and Dina Makanji. His collaborations with comedians have also gained a lot of acclaim and have racked up millions of views on YouTube.

In 2013, Cub won a BAFTA for their work on the BBC’s The Revolution Will be Televised as part of the Hat Trick team.

The following year, they were nominated again, but let’s just say it wasn’t their year. Nonetheless, they continue to be a driving force in the animation industry, constantly pushing the boundaries and bringing their unique vision to life.

9) Pigeon Studio

This explainer video studio has been in business for nearly a decade. They have an extensive creative portfolio with hundreds of hours of content.

They specialize in using motion to bring brands, products, and ideas to life in a captivating way.

Their expertise in animation production helps them to translate complex concepts into content that is both visually stunning and effective in communicating a message. They take pride in their ability to tell stories through world class animations and help clients stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

10) Not Real

Not Real is an award-winning studio that specializes in creating impactful high-end visual content. They help brands stay relevant by understanding and transforming contemporary visual trends.

For Not Real, every project is a unique opportunity to create something new and exciting. Hence, they pride themselves on being both visually and technically versatile. In short, Not Real is very real when it comes to high-end high budgeted commercials!

They know that delivering a high-end product is just as important as providing top-notch service. Whether it’s a small project or a large-scale campaign, Not Real is always up for the challenge and ready to bring their A-game.

Last Words

We’ve taken great care to thoroughly research and fact-check the list of companies above. All in the hopes of aiding you in finding the best possible fit for your video production needs.

In addition, we’d like to offer you a complimentary consultation and planning session for your next explainer video. You may get in touch with our team here.

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