Top 10 Marketing Awards in 2023

Top 10 Marketing Awards in 2023
"Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value." - Philip Kotler

In the competitive field of marketing, there’s one key way to show clients that you’ve got that golden balance between creativity and effectiveness, and that’s with an award. Being recognized by a prestigious award not only helps to put your brand out there but also serves as a testament to your good work. But with so many awards out there, and not all being worth the while, how do you know which ones to target?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best marketing awards to enter. These awards are a surefire way to recognition in the marketing sphere. So, whether you’re a well-established brand or a startup gearing to make a mark, read on and let’s delve into the best marketing awards of 2023.

1) Marketing Excellence Award

For over a decade, the Marketing Excellence Awards have been the benchmark for standout marketing campaigns in regions including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Participation isn’t just about recognition, but also growth and visibility in a competitive marketplace.

Under the scrutiny of an independent panel of seasoned client-side marketers, the winning firms are chosen. The different award categories, including ‘Excellence in B2B Marketing‘ and ‘Excellence in Brand Strategy’, allow for nuanced recognition of a campaign’s strengths. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran in the industry, entering these awards is a strategic move to bolster your reputation and build a network in the marketing landscape.

2) Clio Awards

Established in 1959, the Clio Awards are a grand celebration of advertising works that push the entire industry leaps and bounds forward. With fierce competition and dynamic submissions, the winners are selected by a stellar lineup of jurors; industry veterans who have seen it all and who bring their expertise to identify works that stand tall in terms of innovation and impact.

Clio Marketing Awards

There are quite a few awards to vie for here, with categories like “Branded Entertainment & Content” and “Social Media” offering a stage for any marketer to try their luck. If recognition is what you’re after, it won’t get much better than a Clio Award.

3) MarCom Awards

Since bursting onto the scene in 2004, the MarCom Awards has become one of the most respected and substantial creative competitions globally. It’s a celebration of the creativity, dedication, and generosity that drives the marketing and communication industries forward.

MarCom Awards Trophies Marketing

Their selection process draws on the know-how of judges from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, bringing a rich depth of knowledge and understanding to the evaluation process. Here, you stand a chance to win awards under categories like Advertising Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Native Advertising and more! So if you’d like to try for a good award, MarCom is a solid choice.

4) Effie Awards

If there’s one award that screams the pinnacle of advertising, it’s got to be the Effie Awards. Started back in 1968, today, it stands tall as the pre-eminent advertising award in the industry, affirmed by advertisers and agencies all over the globe.

Effie Global Awards Marketing Feature 2

Analyzed by a panel of expert marketers, who know excellence when they see it, each entry undergoes meticulous scrutiny, ensuring that the winners are the very best. And with accolades ranging from the Global Effies to regional programs in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and beyond, firms and individuals from all over get a chance in the spotlight.

5) Digiday Content Marketing Awards

Year after year, the Digiday Content Marketing Awards return to celebrate companies and campaigns that use content to not just keep pace with the times, but to define them. This is where modernisation isn’t just a buzzword, but a fundamental element.

Boasting names from giants like Google and TikTok on the judging panel, there’s no doubt that competition is intense. But with Digiday’s reputation, it’s worth it. Whether you are a B2B veteran or a fresh B2C startup, there are categories for all — from “Content Marketing Partner of the Year” to the “Best Branded Content Site.” A Digiday Content Marketing Award is an acknowledgment of prowess and ingenuity, and one that would impress anyone.

6) The Drum Marketing Awards

Once every year, The Drum Awards returns to celebrate and reward the marketing maestros and brand teams that put out brilliant campaigns tailored perfectly to their customer base. The judging panel is composed of top-notch marketing specialists with a discerning eye for campaigns that truly stand out, so the winners are guaranteed standouts.

The Drum Marketing Awards Stage

And just to make things fair, The Drum Awards spans the globe with three grand regional competitions covering the diverse landscapes of the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. So no matter where you’re based, you’ve got a chance at accolades for ‘Social Media’ or the prestigious ‘Brand Team Of The Year’ title. To your potential clients, this is not just a trophy, but a recognition of true customer connection in every campaign.

7) B2B Marketing Award

It isn’t all just about B2C marketing, and this next award makes sure of that. The B2B Marketing Awards offers a grand celebration that spotlights the industry’s high fliers every year. Think campaigns that prove B2B marketing isn’t just on par with B2C – it can surpass it.

At the centre of this award is a two-stage judging process conducted by a panel of seasoned B2B experts who use their expertise and knowledge to pick out campaigns that have truly raised the bar. From “Best Public Relations Campaign” to “Best Use of Content Marketing”, there’s a wealth of awards to be had. If you’d like to show that your firm is the best of the best when it comes to B2B marketing, this is one you’ll definitely want to run for.

8) Hermes Creative Awards

For 17 years, the Hermes Creative Awards have given a grand stage to honour the very best messengers and creators. This is one of the oldest and largest creative competitions on the global stage, where the spotlight shines equally on individuals and Fortune 500 giants — celebrating creativity across a spectrum.

Hermes Creative Awards Trophies

With senior-level professionals with a wealth of expertise at the judging table, only the finest of the field get awarded. Any marketers looking into entering will want to keep an eye out for the categories of Marketing and Public Relations for their work. With its deep legacy, a Hermes Creative Award is one anyone would be proud to have.

9) International Content Marketing Awards

Content marketing is a relatively new field in the world of marketing, but it’s no less impressive. Once a year, the International Content Marketing Awards lauds visionary strategies, relentless teams, and individuals leading in the content landscape.

The judging panel, composed of industry veterans with years of experience, picks out the very best in the pool of talent. Here, you’ll be vying for awards such as “Best Content Campaign” and “Best B2B Campaign.” With an International Content Marketing award under your belt, you gain a competitive edge like no other.

10) Killer Content Awards

For over a decade, the Killer Content Awards come together once a year to recognise the most innovative strides in brand storytelling, shouting-out brands that keep things fresh with their strategies.

Killer Content Awards Winners with Trophies

Every submission is carefully poured over by their editorial and executive teams, utilising their skills to choose the very best winners. Marketers who submit an entry for this award stand a chance to win in categories like “Sales Enablement Content” and “Multi-Touch Campaign,” among others. If you’re trying to stand out in the world of branding, this is one award you’ll definitely be reaching for.


Looking over this list of the top marketing awards for 2023, it’s clear that each one offers a great chance for marketing teams to shine. With a wide selection of categories, there’s recognition to be found in every sector of marketing. Winning one of these awards can put you on the map, so be sure to keep them in mind!

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