Uses of Professional Corporate Videos


From having a generation of geniuses who are into books, the world has now turned into something that’s dominated by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instragram. All these social networking sites are photos or videos-focused. This just goes to show how much more visual-oriented we are.

Do you wish to attract the attention of an online audience or even a group of like-minded individuals in the office?

Well, you need to have something that will create that visual impact. Let’s say that you need to create a report or presentation to your bosses about a new product that you would like the company to manufacture. Their attention will not be held long enough if you will present them with a pile of papers as thick as a book, which is all in text form.

Nobody has the time to study or even flip through such materials. But if you will show a three or five-minute video which presents what your proposed product is all about, they can decide right then and there if it is worthy of additional budget. For instances like these and many other applications, it is necessary to hire the services of a video production company to have engaging corporate video clips made.

If you’re still into making PowerPoint presentations when creating a report for the office, it is definitely high time that you take advantage of the power of videos. Here are a few more instances when professionally-made videos will be useful:

Launch or advertise a new product

Using the example above, you should definitely have videos made by professionals if you are introducing a new product. Whether it’s the higher-ups in the company who you are presenting it to, or if it’s already your direct suppliers and customers, the video will be a great format for the audience to know what you have to offer.

How does the product work? What are the benefits that they will get when taking advantage of the item? These and more questions can easily be answered if you have a professionally-made video.

Spice up a corporate presentations

Another instance when a professionally-made video will prove to be useful is if you’d like to spice up corporate presentations. Instead of showing plain slides and boring charts, a video can better present what it is that you would like to demonstrate to your audience.

Demonstrate how to use a product

Targeted for buyers, clients and any other individual that you are doing business with, a video with a product demonstration will give the viewer an idea about its usefulness. You can either incorporate text or have a voice-over talent explain how to use the product.

You can even integrate both text and voice on the video if you’d like to make the instructions even clearer.

Train people on a new business process

If you have been in the business for quite a long time, there will eventually be new business processes introduced. These aim to improve the way that your daily operations work. However, since most employees are used to the way that old processes work, you do need to train them for whatever new step in manufacturing it is that you are introducing.

Have no doubt, a video demonstration will help train them more quickly.


Jacklyn Chung

Marketing Executive at Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd.
Being part of the Kasra Design family for many years, Jacklyn takes care of the marketing tasks, be it online or offline.