What Are How-To Videos? 15 Amazing Examples and Top Practices

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"The magic of a How-To Video is in turning the complex into the comprehendible."

What if, at this very moment, you’ve decided you want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube. What’s your first move? If you said, pull out my phone and find a YouTube video, you’d be in the majority. Instructional videos, or ‘How-To’ videos are like a full user manual packed into one clip.

Complete with demonstrations and fun visuals, it’s hard to beat! ‘How-To’ videos break down the most complex concepts into digestible, actionable steps that help viewers make that first step. And we’re here to show you why you should be making one, and how you can make it good.

Benefits of How-To Videos

So, why should you make ‘How-To’ videos? Here’s how it can help you and your brand.

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Builds Faith In The Brand

When you make a ‘How-To’ video, you’re offering practical solutions and giving out knowledge for free. This tells people that you aren’t just in it for the money! Providing free but actually helpful information and advice tells viewers that you genuinely want to help your customers succeed. What that says is that you’re one to trust.

Brand Awareness

‘How-To’ videos are immensely popular and are thus an excellent tool for driving brand recognition. As people come across your content while looking for instructional videos, they become introduced to your brand in the process. Plus, if you do it well, they’re likely to share it with their friends and family, broadening your reach.

Highlights expertise

As you guide viewers through a detailed explanation of how something works, one thing becomes apparent — you really know your stuff. A well-made How-To Video emphasizes a brand’s prowess in its niche. This can make customers more comfortable in choosing your brand’s products or services. They not only witness the skill and know-how of the company but also gain a deeper understanding of the process and product.

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15 Examples Of Excellent How-To Videos

1) How to use AI Art and ChatGPT to Create Insane Web Designs

Hiring a team of web designers can get expensive. But with all the different skills involved, it can get hard making one yourself, too. So why not use AI to make things a little easier? This guide walks you through just how to use AI tools to make the various elements of a webpage.

2) SALT Lending – Cryptocurrency Explainer Video & Motion Graphics

As an explainer video about SALT lending, a crypto-loan service, this video explains just how to use SALT’s platform. Walking you through the process of using the platform and explaining just how SALT’s lending system works, it’s a super comprehensive explanation. The motion graphics are smooth and clean, giving visual depth to the narrative guide.

If you’d like a video from this same talented team, get a quote here.

3) Aron Sogi | Video Tips

@aronsogi Tiktok editing tutorial, if you are thinking of editing Tiktok videos in the app this is going to be super helpful for you. Learn video editing #videoediting #editing #tiktokediting #howtoedit #editingtutorials ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

A sit-down and talk-type of video, this short-form video runs through how to make full use of TikTok’s in-app editing software. The video combines the narration with screen-recorded footage of all the tips being discussed, so viewers can follow along and understand easily.

4) How to Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO with your iPhone

Want to make use of that ‘Pro’ phone camera? Look no further! This video is a comprehensive guide to getting that perfect shot, just using your phone. With stunning visuals and editing, it also serves as a great example of what you can achieve following the video’s tips.

5) How To Make a WordPress Website – 2022

In “How to Make a WordPress Website,” Tyler Moore provides an insightful and comprehensive guide that enables even the most novice viewers to build a WordPress website within just one hour. With Tyler’s expert guidance, you’ll start from the very beginning, learning how to secure a unique domain name and select a reliable hosting provider.

6) How To Make a Paper Fortune Teller – EASY Origami

Kicking off immediately with a light, airy guitar riff, this video gets straight to the point. The final product is shown before a demonstration begins, showing just how to do it step-by-step. Despite the lack of narration or subtitles, you understand instantly.

7) Macaron Masterclass – How to Make Perfect Macarons | Cupcake Jemma

Cooking and baking videos are actually great examples of ‘How-To’ videos, though we don’t always view them as such. This recipe video gives invaluable tips and tricks from professional bakers while taking on a casual vibe that eases you into the content. It’s an approachable step-by-step guide that doesn’t skimp on any useful information.

8) Let’s Make Kombucha

@thenottychef Kombucha🍯 #vegan #veganrecipes #learnontiktok #chefsoftiktok #fyp ♬ Sun – Adrian Berenguer

A snappy tutorial on how to make the popular fermented drink at home. Edited to be fast-paced and made in a very down-to-earth fashion, the TikTok incorporates this homemade quality with the full information to make the process seem more doable.

9) How to Launch a Successful Kickstarter in 2022 (STEP BY STEP)

Kickstarter campaigns are an excellent way to get a project going. But with so many out there, it can be hard to stand out. This video is here to help with just that.

10) How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

The ultimate guide to getting good at chess! In this video, you get the full run-down about how chess works from a master. This video breaks down how each piece functions, various openings, and gives some tips on chess tactics.

11) How To Get Good At Math

@evanthorizon How to get good at math—practical tips. #mathtiktok #mathstudy #studytips #mathtips #physicsmajor ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Whether you’re a desperate student or a graduate looking for a new hobby, this TikTok is here to give some tips on how to get better at math. As with most TikToks, it has a very casual feel that helps the process feel much easier to start.

12) Learn How To Sew, Easy Sewing Class For Beginners!

This video is the ultimate introduction to sewing for the first time. It follows an experienced seamstress as she talks through the various parts of a sewing machine and how to set it up. There’s even a short tutorial at the end for the viewer to try their hand at!

13) How to Ace a Job Interview: 10 Crucial Tips

We’ve all needed this video at some point. With so much riding on the line, we can get flustered and fail to impress during a job interview. Well, no worries! This video gives some tips on just how to fix that.

14) How to learn all the notes on your guitar!

@mattdaylida Comment what tips you want next!! #guitarexercise #beginnerguitar #beginnerguitarlessons #beginnerguitarlesson #fretboard #guitarnotes ♬ original sound – Matt Daylida

Want to relive your childhood dreams of becoming a rockstar? Here’s a very quick run-down of all the notes on the guitar!

15) How to create the perfect Wes Anderson edit

@esno.art How to create the perfect Wes Anderson edit #wesanderson #alexandredesplat #wesandersonedit #wesandersonaethetic ♬ Obituary – Alexandre Desplat

We’ve all seen the Wes Anderson trend on TikTok. But replicating the same style and feel yourself can be challenging, especially if you don’t have much experience with filming. This is a quick demonstration of how to join in on the trend and create your own Wes Anderson edit — made in the same whimsical style.

How To Make a How-To Video

Now that we’ve explored what How-To Videos are and why they’re so cool, let’s dive into how to make one. Kind of ironic that this isn’t in video form, huh?

Plan out the topic

Before setting out to create a video, it’s crucial to identify a topic that not only fits within your brand and expertise but also caters to your target audience. For example, if you’re a tech company, your topics might center around tutorials on using your products or other relevant technologies. Consider the age, interests, and needs of your audience. Research trending topics. This will determine how the rest of the process goes, so it’s crucial you understand just what you’re trying to do.

Write a script and storyboard

This is your video’s blueprint. A good How-To video is informative but concise enough to hold the viewer’s attention. Ensure that your video is focused and that you cover all the necessary points. Keep the language simple, conversational, and relatable.

You might also want a storyboard. A storyboard is a visual representation of your script. It breaks down the script into individual scenes, showcasing what happens in each. This can help in controlling the visual language and appeal of your video for that extra special feel.

Production Phase

This is where your script and storyboard come to life. Depending on the type of video and feel you’re going for, the process will differ. For live-action videos, you could either spring for a proper production crew or just use a smartphone and a tripod. For animated videos, look into different animation software or hiring animation companies. Make sure to have a clean set-up that doesn’t distract from the explanation. Having good audio and lighting is also key to having good footage.

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Sound and music or narration

An engaging video isn’t just visual. A good background track can keep the viewer entertained, while clear narration (if needed) guides the viewer with precision. You can find a variety of royalty-free music files or sound effects that will greatly enhance the experience. For voiceovers, be sure to find a good microphone to get the best audio quality.

Optimize for different platforms

Lastly, tailor your video to the platform or platforms that you intend on uploading it to. The differences can range from simple things like the resolution of your video to the editing style that you use. For short-form videos, be sure to take advantage of trending topics and hashtags to further your reach.

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Interact With Your Audience

The video’s finally up, but you’re not done yet! Getting in the comments and responding to what people are saying is a key component in having a successful video of any sort. But for ‘How-To’ videos in particular, responding to comments gives you a way to clarify any misunderstandings or questions that viewers may have. This helps you build rapport by engaging with viewers while also fostering trust by giving aid to viewers who didn’t quite understand.

Final Shots!

How-To Videos are a powerful tool for any brand. They help establish trust, increase brand awareness and showcase your expertise. And remember, while the technical aspects are crucial, your passion and knowledge are the real stars of the show! Happy creating how-to videos!

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