20 Best Software Demo Videos in 2023

20 Best Software Demo Videos in 2023
"Great software demo videos don't just show, they teach and entertain.”

Ever pull up a new application and feel like you’re lost in a maze? You’re not the only one. Software, especially those with unique concepts, can be quite a puzzle to the uninitiated. Seems like a tough situation, especially if it’s your business that made the software, but there’s one killer solution — video demos. Video demos are like your personal tech gurus, showing you the ropes of how to use a program. By actually showing you how to navigate, they’re fantastic tools that can turn even the most complex software into a walk in the park.

“Where do I start?”, you might be wondering. Software demos are great, but here’s the catch – creating a good demo video isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to make sure it actually teaches people how to use the program, while not being so dry that they click off.

Here’s where we come in! We’ve scoured the internet and gathered 20 examples of top-notch software demo videos just for you. These videos are clear, engaging, and most importantly, they make learning new software feel like a breeze. So, if you want to learn how to make a good video to teach your clients how to use your software, this is a great place to start.

Top 20 Software Demo Videos

1) Paypal Digital Wallet

I think we’ve all used Paypal at some point in our lives. Whether it was a one-off transaction or managing payments for a business, Paypal has made it easy. And to continue simplifying things, they launched a video demo for all the features in their app. With quick clips of how each feature can be used, you get a good sense of how and when to use them. And with the background beat and motion graphics to match, it manages to still be a fun watch.

2) JXL

Co-working platforms can be a nightmare to manage. Jira’s JXL sheets strive to change all that, and this in-depth video demo shows us exactly how. With detailed run-throughs of Jira’s user interface, it teaches you just how to navigate and organize your JXL sheet. A clear narration guides us through the demonstration, with sleek and clean visuals that keep the focus on the explanation.

3) Google Assistant

If you have a Pixel phone or Google Home, you’re probably familiar with Google Assistant. But for those of us who aren’t, Google’s here to break it down as simply as possible. With just an avatar and the Google Assistant icon, the video uses back-and-forth interactions to show how to prompt the virtual assistant. The narration also answers any questions we might have regarding the privacy and functions of the virtual assistant. Overall, it’s a comprehensive yet bite-sized video demo.

4) Figma

Figma’s a collaborative platform that brings all parts of the design process onto one shared working space. With fluid animations, the video shows you just how all members of the design team can work on the same piece at once. The casual narration and clicky sound effects just add that pop to the video, while also making things easy to understand.

5) RingCentral

Want to get all your calls, messages, and emails in just one spot? RingCentral is the app for you. Animating the various elements of their user interface, RingCentral’s video demo covers all the features they offer. The bouncy 3D animation makes the visuals an absolute treat, while still teaching you just how to use their app.

6) Beautiful.ai

With a mixture of 2.5D and 2D animation, Beautiful.ai’s demo video displays all sides to their user interface with direct yet stunning visuals. Integrated captions take the place of narration here, and the clicky sound effects complement the transitions incredibly well. What comes as a result of all of this is a comprehensive look at all of Beautiful.ai’s features that manages to stay engaging.

7) Viable

Need a better understanding of how to use Viable’s customer feedback management platform? This video demo has everything you need. Animations slide in to show the various analytics and features, while the narration directly explains how everything works. It’s straight to the point and keeps you entertained.

8) Cash App

We’re absolutely excited to bring you a glimpse into an extraordinary 3D software demo crafted by Jason M. Diaz for Cash App. Cash App is a standout mobile payment service that’s won hearts in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Picture a canvas alive with bold, vibrant colors that pull you into a world beyond the ordinary. This demo isn’t just about showcasing technology, it’s a journey through animations that are crisp and smooth. Each scene effortlessly melds into the next and coupled with art direction that’s nothing short of genius. Truly a showcase of the creative brilliance at play.

9) Ticketsetup

Ticketsetup is a ticket management platform for events and other things of the like. With this video, they use visual metaphors as well as real demonstrations of their interface to give a tutorial on their software. Dynamic animations take you through the narration while the sound effects round out each animation.

10) Versum

A rather niche piece of software, Versum is a spa and salon management platform that encompasses appointment-making, customer feedback, and even payment. This flat animated demo video walks you through every feature they offer, with the voice-over explaining every step of the way.

11) Airbnb

Airbnb is the absolute go-to app for travellers, and they’ve now added a curated restaurant section to show us where to go for a good meal. And to walk us through just how it works, from finding a place to leaving our review for one. The smooth hand-drawn animation depicts the app’s interface clearly, with a voiceover to add additional guidance.

12) UberEats

Ordering food on UberEats is extremely convenient, but it’s not so simple on the other side. With these short videos, Uber runs through the interface given to restaurant owners and managers. With motion graphics of the user interface and narration, we’re shown just how to check the order errors with all-in-one dashboard to manage and optimize a business.

13) 7Shifts

7Shifts is a scheduling and messaging platform for restaurant employers and employees. In this clip, we run through exactly how the app can be used to manage shifts and facilitate communication. The clean animations and voiceover jump from point to point, wasting no time while keeping all the information.

14) Emburse

Ever needed to claim expenses from your company, but been too shy to ask? With Emburse, that isn’t a problem. With 2D animations and a clear voiceover, we’re shown just how Emburse directs business expenses and allows employees to claim with no fuss. Simulations of the interface guide us through just how the app works, while still keeping everything creative.

15) Acast

Have you listened to your favourite podcast and caught yourself thinking of making your own? Acast makes that possible, and this video shows you just how to do it. The interface and features are animated, with a narrative voice taking you through everything Acast can do and the platforms it’s collaborated with.

16) Walnut

A sales experience platform, Walnut allows you to make interactive demos for your business. In this video, a combination of live-action and animation is used to guide you through just how to do that. Integrating humour, real looks at the interface, and an actress to bring you through it all, you’ll know exactly what Walnut does by the end of the video.

17) Bankwest

We all know the pain of trying to track your expenses at the end of the month. Bankwest app is here to help with that and shows us just how it does it. Using 3D animation, narration, and an all-too-relatable character, it visualises our struggles and shows how their application can fix that.

18) Snapscan

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the days of the pandemic, it’s that contactless payment is the way to go. Snapscan demonstrates their seamless payment process with animations of the various situations it could be used in. The voiceover explains just how it works while still keeping things light-hearted, and the simplicity of the process is shown with simulations of the interface. Using the app is effortless, and with this video, so is understanding it.

19) Ignilife

Short of rushing to the GP for every sneeze, how do you make sure you’re doing what’s best for your health? Ignilife offers up its expertise and keeps things as easy as possible. The simple user interface is shown being used by various characters so there are no questions that need to be asked. 2D animation and narration are used to supplement the explanation, making the video engaging while still being informative.

20) Moodcaster

Need to find an actress for an upcoming ad? Moodcaster’s a casting platform that connects talents with the people who need them. This quick and simple walkthrough of how the Moodcaster app works features no narration and instead shows you how to use it. The beats keep you engaged while you watch the various demonstrations of the user interface, creating a clear and simple explanation.

Wrapping Up

Video demos are like sending an assistant to personally help your client, making even the trickiest software feel like a piece of cake. Animation is a particularly excellent way of doing this. It’s able to simulate the situations and applications with no bounds, while keeping everything looking pretty. And if clarity is your main concern, be sure to show the actual interface in your video. With the real thing, the video becomes a roadmap, showing the viewer where everything is and how it all works.

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