What is Trade Show Video – The Ultimate Explainer

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"Trade show videos offer a direct platform to showcase your products and generate leads."

Ever been to a trade show? They’re like conventions buzzing with businesses showing off their latest gadgets, services, and ideas. One of the best tools these businesses use at trade shows is a video. This article will take you on a journey through these videos, explaining why they’re super important and how to make one that leaves everyone impressed.

What’s a Trade Show Video Anyway?

Well, they’re digital videos that companies use at trade shows to tell folks more about what they do or sell. It usually has interviews, demonstrations, customer stories and overviews of products or services. They play these videos on big screens in their booths to draw in crowds and engage with people who stop by.

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As people are usually just passing by, these videos are usually made in a way that is easily understandable without the audio. This doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have voice-over and music to go along with the visuals. They are just tailor made to have a clear message even without it.

Why Does This Matter?

But isn’t the face-to-face aspect the whole point of trade shows? While in-person explanations and sales certainly drive trade shows, these videos can help supplement the experience. They’re like movie trailers but for businesses, giving attendees an overview of what the product is in an exciting and engaging way.

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And since we all love watching videos, they’re a top-notch way for companies to make their mark at trade shows.

Why a Good Trade Show Video is a Game-Changer

A top-tier trade show video can fill in the gaps and create many benefits for your brand. Here’s a quick list of all the benefits of incorporating video into your trade show marketing.

It’s All in the Detail

On-the-spot salesmanship is powerful, but it often relies on a lot of improvisation. This means that there’s a chance that some details get forgotten or left out due to the flow of the conversation. A trade show video mitigates this as it’s a pre-planned presentation, so you can add all the information you need. And with how well videos break down complicated concepts, your salesperson can use the video in their pitch too!

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An Extra Pair of Hands

It’s usually ideal for a salesperson to be attending to your booth at all times, but things happen and lunch breaks are needed. Under normal circumstances, an unmanned trade show booth would just be completely skipped over as there’s nothing to engage or explain things to visitors.

But with a trade show video, there will be something to catch their eye and hold their attention, giving a look at the product while waiting on a salesperson to arrive. That means no lost opportunities.

It Attracts Attention

Then there’s the wow factor of showing instead of telling. Videos can demonstrate how a product works in a real-world context, and that can often sell it way better than just talking about it. Plus with a video, you get to control the visual elements and make it really pop.

The Power of Retention and Branding

Nowadays, people don’t usually buy stuff on the spot at trade shows. It’s about salesmanship and getting their attention, so this delayed purchase means retention is key. A video that wows can stay in their minds, making them more likely to engage with your brand and even purchase your product later.

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Plus, if you share the video on social media or YouTube, they can look back on it later and remember the product.

Videos Can Be Reused Infinitely

We’ve listed all the ways a video can spruce up your trade show appearance, but that’s not all it can do! The best part about videos is that they can be reused for a myriad of purposes.

In addition to introducing the trade show audience to your product, you can post it on your social media and your website for a clear and engaging look. This means you’ll be getting more bang for your buck!

How to Make an Awesome Trade Show Video

So now that you know just how useful it can be, let’s dive into how you can make the best trade show video for you.

Before you start, figure out what you want your video to achieve. Is it to make your brand popular, show off a new product, or get more customer leads? Knowing this will shape the video’s content and structure, and you need to tailor the video to suit these goals.

Check Your Objectives – A Case Study

You can see how we adapted our video production style to suit the needs of our client, Cake Defi. We collaborated to create a video that would play at their trade shows to demonstrate just how they work.

We took into account the target audience, our client’s preferred style, and what best suited the market. This led to us combining isometric 2.5D elements with live footage, getting the visual appeal of the former while keeping the clear explanation in the latter. The end result? A video custom-made to hit all of Cake Defi’s marks.

Write It Right

The script or the content of your video is its backbone. Make it interesting but also informative and straightforward. Incorporate humour if it’s appropriate, that always sticks with people. If you can, get professional scriptwriters or a video production team to make sure it’s top-quality.

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Keep in mind that your audio might get drowned out in the crowd of the trade show, so make sure to supplement with lots of visual explanations and subtitles to overcome this issue.

Make It Pop

Use high-quality visuals, fancy graphics, and animations to make your video shine and hold people’s attention. This not only draws people in to watch, but keeps it fresh in their memory for a longer time.


Be sure to insert lots of call-to-actions (CTAs) in your video, asking viewers to follow your brand on social media or to check out your website! Getting them to follow your brand will keep them in the loop about new products and allow them to interact and form a relationship with your brand.

Spread the Word about Your Video

In addition to playing the video at the trade show, use it to drum up some hype before the big event. Share it on your website, social media, and in email newsletters. This way, people who couldn’t make it to the trade show can watch it too, and it gets your video seen by more people for a longer time.

Evaluate its success

After the trade show, check your analytics to see how well your video worked. Did it bring more people to your booth?

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Did it help boost your brand awareness or product? Finding out more about the performance of the trade show video can tell you what viewers like or don’t like, so you can do it even better next time.

The Bottom Line

So a trade show video is designed to help engage and explain your product to viewers, giving a helping hand when your salespeople are away or giving a pitch! And to do it right, you have to plan ahead and make your video truly shine. If you’re not so confident about being able to make the perfect video, hiring a professional video production team might just be the move for you.

Need a team to help make a Trade Show Video?

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